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As gurus, when it comes to filing SBA-related paperwork, we are here to charge a fraction of our normal prices, due to the crisis and subsidies of some gracious donors. 

Whether it’s an economic injury loan, paycheck relief, unemployment assistance or any other filing required during this time, we are happy to lend a hand. 

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort [but in] times of challenge and controversy.” Across the globe, we have been knocked over by a pandemic.

Some of us are ill, some of our loved ones have passed, most of though have been economically leveled. 

Jacob Rubinstein, Esq.

Jacob is the founder of Rubinstein and Associates.

When a large chunk of the calls Rubinstein & Associates received during the covid-19 period, he had an idea.

“People kept calling us about different COVID-19 related relief and needs. They had no idea where to start,” said Jacob Rubinstein, founder of DisasterLoanAid.com. “Some asked how they could obtain the loans; some wanted wills, some bankruptcy filing and some credit card debt settlements.

It seemed that things were more confusing than helpful and obtaining these loans and other services felt impossible.” Disasterloanaid.com was formed to address this need. Disasterloanaid.com offers over a dozen of the most requested services pertaining to COVID-19; SBA loan guidance is its primary focus. All services are offered at a flat rate and sent to pre-screened experts in the corresponding requested specialty. Disasterloanaid.com breaks down the complexity of accessing these services, by explaining eligibility requirements for loans in laymen terms, letting you know exactly what you need to do. Perhaps more importantly, Disasterloanaid.com has partnered with a loan processor, significantly increasing your likelihood of approval.

“We know how stressful this time is and we want to be here for you. With Disasterloanaid.com, we have taken the difficult details out of the way. You don’t need to worry about how to navigate the system, which banks to use, who should draft your will or what is a reasonable price point. Let us do the hard work for you!” says Rubinstein.

Disasterloanaid.com charges just $199.99 for unemployment services. It has successfully secured maximum loan benefits for the unemployed, even freelancers. The website is extremely user friendly. It offers general and legal consults about these services and pairs you up with the right attorney for your specific needs, all at a heavily discounted price.

The site also offers:

• Health Insurance Support and Complex Claim Submittal
• Life Insurance without Medical exams up to a 3-million-dollar policy
• Will and Estate Planning
• Bill Negotiation: I.e. auto insurance, student loan or credit card debt
• Tax Credits
• Bankruptcy Services
• Guardianships

A lot of thought has been put into how the site can help the community and the US at large. Hopefully, the service will mitigate a few stresses during this unparalleled harrowing time.

Eligibility and Relief Details

Administrator SBA SBA Lender
Loan Amount 2 million or less $10 million
or 2.5 times average monthly payroll, whichever is less (not including 1099s) from calendar
year 2019
Calculations for seasonal and new business
can vary
Term Up to 30 years 2 years
Deferral (interest accrues during deferment) 12 mo 6 mo
Interest Rate For- Profit 3.75% | Non-Profit 2.75% 1%
Usage Fixed Debts, payroll and related benefits, accounts payable and other expenses that cannot be paid because of disaster Payroll and related benefits Interest on mortgage payments or other debts, rents and utilities
Eligibility Small businesses in all U.S. States and territories, including sole proprietors or independent contractors
Internationally owned organizations located in the U.S.
Private nonprofit organizations
Small agricultural cooperatives
Tribal small business concerns
Fewer than 500 employees
Small businesses
in all U.S. States and territories, including
sole proprietors, independent contractors and eligible self-
employed individuals
Foreign owned orgs located in
the U.S.
501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations
501 (c)(19) veterans organizations
Tribal small business concerns
Fewer than 500 employees
in most instances, more in certain industries
Forgiveness Emergency grant up to $10,000
(EIDL may be eligible to be refinanced into a PPP loan)
Eligibility is based on specific reqs
Forgiveness available on a portion of the loan proceeds if employers retain employees during specified period
Forgiveness of non-payroll allowable expenses is limited to 25% of total forgiveness
Guarantees Waives requirement of personal guarantees on loans less than $200k None
Collateral If available, collateral will be taken on loans greater than $25,000 None

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My business has taken such a hit and likely will continue to do so over the next few weeks and months. The only bright spot has been DLA and their help through this filing process. Knowledge and friendly, thank you!

Andrea R.

My brother studied with Jacob after college and they had not spoken for 15 years. We heard he was handling unemployment matters, it was like no time had passed- he treated us like family. 

He did the impossible and got me approved! 

Tali P.

I called Jacob and his wonderful crew and told them, I needed a will to ensure my family was secure right after I was diagnosed with Covid-19. 48 hours later it was done- love you man!

Hasim P.

The pain of filing bankruptcy is brutal. With Jacob’s humor, you would never feel a thing. He made me laugh through the process but got it done and with the utmost sensitivity. 

Amazing how they got this company together so fast!

Andrew J.

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